Spanish Prepositions – a, ante, bajo y con

Spanish Prepositions (preposiciones) are words that are placed before (pre-posed) another word to express the relationship between the words that they articulate. In Spanish they are used to link a noun, a noun phrase or a pronoun with the rest of the sentence to indicate location, direction, time, etc. In both languages, English and Spanish, prepositions are followed by an […]

Spanish Tuition in Manchester

Private Spanish lessons in Manchester How does it work? We need a short e-mail or call from you stating: (Spanish Tuition in Manchester – reviews) Name Age Your address e-mail address Phone number Your Spanish level (None/Beginner/Intermediate or advanced) Reason or motive to learn Spanish This will help us to choose the best way to approach and customise our lessons […]

Spanish Interrogatives – Part 3

Finally in this post we are going to explain last group of Spanish Interrogatives.   Cuánto / Cuánta / Cuántos / Cuántas  All of them are translated as how much or how many. We will use one of them depending on the gender or number of the noun which it describes. As you know, in Spanish is very important […]

Spanish interrogatives – Part 2

In this new post we are going to explain some other Spanish Interrogatives. ¿Cuál / Cuáles? These interrogatives are used to refer to people or objects like cuál but with one difference, it does it to specific nouns or objects, which are supposed to be mentioned or at least understood by both, speaker and listener. We will use Cuáles when […]

Spanish Interrogatives – Part 1

Interrogatives, “interrogativos” in Spanish are words used to ask questions to get an specific information from the subject who is asked. These are the main interrogatives in Spanish:   – Qué (What) – Cómo (How) – Cuál / Cuales (Which) – Dónde (Where) – Cuando (When) – Cuánto / Cuánta / Cuántos / Cuántas (How much / How many) – […]