Spanish Interrogatives – Part 3

Finally in this post we are going to explain last group of Spanish Interrogatives.


Cuánto / Cuánta / Cuántos / Cuántas 

All of them are translated as how much or how many. We will use one of them depending on the gender or number of the noun which it describes. As you know, in Spanish is very important to keep all the words adjacent to the noun agreeing in gender and number.


  • ¿Cuánto vale esta camiseta? (How much is this t-shirt?)
  • ¿Cuántos apellidos tienen los españoles? (How many surnames do the Spaniards have?)
  • No sé cuántas salchichas hay en el plato (I don’t know how many sausages there are on the plate)
  • Cuánto in Spanish can also be combined with prepositions:
    • ¿De cuántos alumnus estamos hablando? (How many students we are talking about?)
    • ¿En cuántos paises has estado? (How many countries have you been?)

Quién / Quiénes

“Quién” and “Quiénes” in Spanish can only be referred to people. As you can guess, the second one is the plural form of the first one. We will use them in the same way we use “who” in English.

– ¿Quién quiere un bocadillo? (Who want a sandwich?)

– No sé quién es Julian (I don’t Know who Julian is)

In Spanish they can go with prepositions, here you have some examples:

– ¿A quién has venido a ver? (Who have you come to see?)

– ¿Para quién es este regalo? (Who is this gift for?)


Por qué and “Para qué”


In Spanish, we will use “por qué” to ask “why” and it is much more used than “para qué”. We can translate the last one as “for what” and we will use it only to allude to the purpose or intention.


¿Por qué no aprender español? (Why don’t you learn Spanish?)

No entiendo por qué no viajas (I don’t understand why you don’t travel more)

¿Para qué vas a Málaga? (what do you go to Málaga for?)


We hope we helped with the Spanish Interrogatives. (Spanish info)