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Although “School-e Ltd” born and it was created nine years ago based around extra curricular activities and concentrating all our efforts with Spanish modern foreign language..

As we are a family raising bilingual children  “School-e Ltd”  started with our children, at that time it was really difficult to find unique products to support our children.

Our products can be found below:

Easy Spanish activities for children that you can download and children can practice during the school time or during their holidays.

Easy Spsnish-English bilingual books that you could read with them and we started creating some and we would like to share this with you now.

As you can see in our website https://www.school-e.co.uk/ offers all kinds of Spanish Tuition too.

2 thoughts on “About our Shop

  1. I like your site. Could you please tell us a bit more about some of your products? I am looking for Maths products for my children. I am not quite sure about the games that you can offer. Thanks.

  2. Hi Kenisha as we were asked by several parents about the possibility to explain a bit more the maths games. That´s what we did, you will find in this blog a huge description about our math games.

    Follow this link Maths for children

    I hope you like it!

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