Spanish Dialogue booking a room in a hotel (Year 9 student)

Quick practise in Spanish with a Year 9 student Hotel Las Palomas, ¿dígame? ¿Quisiera reservar una habitación doble con desayuno? ¿Quiere una habitación con dos camas o con una cama de matrimonio? Con dos camas, por favor. Grácias ¿Para cuantas noches? Para seis noches, del veintiuno al veintinueve de diciembre. ¿Cuánto es por favor? Son ciento veinte euros por noche. […]

Spanish Prepositions – Sobre and Tras

We are now going to finish with the last two Spanish Prepositions and some examples in order to clarify this topic. “Sobre” sobre= over, about, on top of, above, approximately   – To show position of something keeping contact physically (“on top of”, “on”): Ej: El libro está sobre la mesa (The book is on the table)      Pon los pies […]

Spanish Adjectives

Spanish Adjectives Adjectives are words that go with the noun to modify or qualify the meaning adding more information or detail making it different to the others and more specific. The most important adjectives are the qualifying adjectives. Examples of this type of adjectives are pequeño (small), azul (blue) or beautiful (bonito). These are the group that we are going […]

Possessives adjectives in Spanish

The possessive words in Spanish are words used to express possession or belonging. In this section we are going to study two groups of possessives: possessives adjectives and possessives pronouns.   Possessives adjectives   Possessive adjectives are used to indicate possession in Spanish, and they must agree in number (singular or plural) with the item being possessed.   Here is […]