Spanish speaking GCSE Theme 1

Role Play Card You will have to learn the following two topics below: Topic 1: Yo, mi familia y mis amigos. Topic 2: Tecnología – Redes sociales, móviles, etc. Photo card ¿Qué hay en la foto? ¿Es importante el matrimonio? ¿Por qué (no)? ¿Cuándo fue la última vez que celebraste algo con tu familia? Two more questions that you have […]

Immediate Future in Spanish

What is the Immediate future tense? It is an action that somebody is going to do in the future or simple what is going to happen in the future. You can of course use the future tense however, here we are only going to concentrate with the Immediate Future. If you are student in Year 8 or Year 9 and […]

GCSEs and A-Level Spanish Help

We can help you with your Spanish! GCSE Spanish help So if you need some help with your Spanish GCSE, have a look our main site below Spanish Lessons Manchester On the other hand if you are an A level student you must have a good Spanish background however, remember that getting good predicted and actual grades at AS Level […]