Spanish pronouns – part 2

Spanish direct object pronouns Direct object pronouns uses In most of cases the direct object is placed before the verb unlike in English. For instance: Te oigo (I hear you), No los traigas (don’t bring them). However there are a some exceptions where the direct object pronoun goes after the verb in a attached way. – For instance in affirmative […]

Spanish Pronouns – part 1

PRONOUNS Personal pronouns are words used to take the place of a noun. Spanish Subject Pronouns are used in a similar way as in English. For example, “I want you to know”. In this sentence “I” and “you” are pronouns (subject pronouns) and they are taking the place of the speaker and the listener respectively. But there is one big […]

Spanish Prepositions – Segun

and Prepositional phrases Jetpack We are now going to show some of the last Spanish Prepositions and the prepositional phrases. “Según” sergún: according to, according with Ej: Según los estudios el alcohol es malo para la salud (Acording to studies, alcohol is bad for your health) Según la situación, España es un pais cálido (Depending on the location,Spainis a warm […]

Some Spanish Prepositions

We are now going to show some other Spanish Prepositions and some other examples in order to finish this topic. “En” en: in, on, inside, into, at (As you can guess, this preposition is crucial. “En” could do function of those four English prepositions or even more, and the difference will depend on the context) – To indicate position above: […]

Spanish Prepositions like CONTRA

We are now going to show some other Spanish Prepositions and some examples in order to clarify this topic. “Contra” contra= against (we can translate “contra” for against almost always. But we can find this preposition accompanying verbs where against is not used. For instance: attacking, hitting, throwing, etc). – To express against in a physical and figurative sense: Ejemplo: […]