Michael Gove proposes teaching foreign languages from age five

It is a great article and discussion forum this morning in the The guardian The education secretary says during the conference interview: “Thttp://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2011/sep/30/michael-gove-teaching-languages-conference?commentpage=all#start-of-commentshere is a slam-dunk case for extending foreign languages, and we just need to speak louder in English. It is literally the case that learning languages makes you smarter. The neural networks in the brain strengthen as a […]

Los objetivos educativos

En este blog vamos a tratar de los objetivos educativos que nos ayudarán a llevar a cabo nuestra labor educativa. Si os acordais en el blog pasado ya comenté ligeramente que existen unas finalidades y a partir de estas las que nosotros consideramos finalidades básicas para el tipo de persona que se va a educar. Los objetivos educativos se formularan […]

Spanish pronouns – part 4

Spanish double object pronouns It is possible to have both a direct and an indirect object pronoun in the same sentence. These “double object pronouns” can’t be separated, and the indirect pronoun always precedes the direct pronoun. Nos lo dice (He’s saying it to us) Te lo enseño (I’m showing it to you) Se lo llevo mañana (I take it […]

Spanish pronouns – part 3

Spanish prepositional object pronouns Learning the grammar of pronouns in Spanish is not very complicated as they follow a structure similar to the pronouns in English. The tricky part, at least for English speakers, might be remembering which pronouns to use. While English uses the same pronouns as objects of prepositions and for direct and indirect objects of verbs, Spanish […]

Spanish pronouns – part 2

Spanish direct object pronouns Direct object pronouns uses In most of cases the direct object is placed before the verb unlike in English. For instance: Te oigo (I hear you), No los traigas (don’t bring them). However there are a some exceptions where the direct object pronoun goes after the verb in a attached way. – For instance in affirmative […]