Immediate Future in Spanish

What is the Immediate future tense? It is an action that somebody is going to do in the future or simple what is going to happen in the future. You can of course use the future tense however, here we are only going to concentrate with the Immediate Future. If you are student in Year 8 or Year 9 and […]


This is a good report from an old Spanish student:   Mark has made very good progress in Spanish. He remembers new sentences easily. He is really good at listening and giving answers out loud correctly. He did a great recorded audio with his peer and he clearly exceeds expectations. His pronunciation is really good. He just needs to keep […]

Some advice about learning Spanish as second language

When my children should start learning a second language? As soon as possible! Do you know that you could teach your baby? Explore this. How long did it take to you to learn your mother tongue language? Why some people keep insisting that my son or daughter are too young to learn a language! Another excuse they should learn one […]