Educational problems in South Africa

No hope for teachers in a Primary School. Great headline to read in a newspaper of a developing country.

Another more amazing fact from this article, which says that repeated studies show that the majority of primary school teachers are not even able to do fractions. There are not fractions found in calculus, normal everyday fractions.

I think South Africa is a country that is going forward even when most of the world most well-off countries seem as though they are starting to bite the dust. To be honest I am pretty sure the faith and hope is starting to fade with each report that is produced in the education sector and the results indicated that there was a positive outlook to be had on South Africa’s future.

What is also sad and disheartening is the education disparity that is arising due to these kind of facts. How can young children who were born into relatively disadvantaged homes ever truly achieve their full potential and become diligent and respected middle to higher class members of society if the teaching isn’t up to standards. How can they get a suitable school?

It is upsetting for any nation, no matter where it may lie on the economical ladder, to have public primary school teachers who have got a minimal, at best, knowledge of mathematics and, to make matters worse, go on strike because they believe that they do not get paid an amount that fits the quality and effort they put in to their teaching.

Little hope for teachers. It is sad that there is no hope for those who should have already maximized their own potential.

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