Basic Maths Exercises

In this section, there is a group of four maths games for the four basic mathematical operations.

You will learn and practice additions with The Rockets, subtractions playing with The Aeroplanes, multiplications in The Submarines™ game and divisions with The Airships.

Basically you  are going to learn all the basic maths with this game.

image 26

Every single game starts with simple and basic maths operations of one digit numbers, then more difficult operations up to three digits operations.

The child needs to click and select the plane that wants to practice. For example if the child clicks the plane with the subtraction he or she will be taken to another screen to be able to practice the subtraction maths.

If the child at anytime would like to finish and stop practicing subtractions he or she can go back to the previous screen and select any other basic maths from the main control panel and play again.

With this group of games the child will get mental agility and will feel more confident with his or her maths calculations.

As a parents remember never leave playing your child in front of the computer long time. There are also some other games you can play with your children to practice maths or any other curricular subjects. Basically use your common sense with this. Half an hour to one hour will be for my children in front of the computer. Some experts maybe think is too much and some others maybe they think is not enough. I hope this help.


This game is great to learn Maths and have fun. (Maths info)

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