The Space Ship game

In each game, the children will receive lots of energy cells when they are progressing in the different levels.

The child will get energy cells that will be kept in the storage battery. Click on it and place the energy cell in the external fuel tank of the space ship. When you get all energy cells, the Martians will have fuel enough to travel to their planet.

Note that the game is designed for a wide range of age so you should not put the children under pressure to solve all the games.

The Space Ship math games

If you help the Martians to come back to their planet, as a reward for such a huge effort and success, you will get the Diploma.

It has your name and the date when you achieve to finish all the levels and games. This game is great!

You can print it and keep it as the trophy it is and if you print it in black and white, you can colour it using your favourite colours.

Sometimes parents when we buy some CD games we are not quite sure what are we going to get for it. We have actually looked into some of other games maths providers and maths with pipo really stands out. Some other providers claim to be cheap however you need to buy several packages, products, CD´s and at the end of the day will be more expensive overall and not the same quality you can get with Pipo.

We hope this deep description helps you to decide if this product will be good for your child and we guaranty your purchase will not be a waste and it is a really good way to help your son or daughter to learn, practise or improve his/her maths.

Finally just to remind you this is just a tool. However I am always concern as a dad and a professional in the educational sector with the fact that children should not exceed say half and hour playing with the computers, video games, PS, etc. and remember you can also have fun with them playing along and singing the timetables as I recently did with my eldest.

You can download for free the full Pdf file in our website and play this game when you can.

You can easy learn this game and have fun. (game info)

The Roller Coaster

Description: The child enjoy maths when he plays this purely logic game.

The child will have to work hard to finish the logic sequence of shapes on the train. The To do it, you must use the shapes you see in the sky and put them in to the wagons. At the most difficult level, even mum and dad can play.

If you are not good at this don´t worry it doesn´t actually means that you are bad at maths.

You may need to practice a bit the logic. This is a very positive exercise for the child. It will develop the logic reasoning of children. It is another way to develop the maths.

The Roller Coaster maths game

Learning Objectives

Stimulate logic thought. Your maths will improve.

Promote deductive reasoning. This will also improve your maths.

Stimulate thinking in a spatial and abstract way is another way to improve your maths.




How to play?

Finish the sequence on the train using the shapes that are in the sky and putting the correct one in the next three wagons. Click on the shape you want to place and then drag it to the wagon. If you are right, Pipo will let you know.

You can choose to play with 2D or 3D shapes clicking the Type of Shape button. If you make a mistake, click the thrash chute and the piece will be back to the initial position.


There are 6 levels of difficulty in this maths game. At the lowest levels you only have to pay attention on the structure of the shape but at the highest levels you also have to take into account the colour of the shape.

Description: In this maths game the child will have to put the signs in order that the bees have mixed up. The task is to put the signs on the pole from the lowest to the highest number. With this, they can practise mathematical operations and numerical series at the same time. Therefore by playing keeps learning maths.

The Bees maths game

Learning Objectives

Practise mathematical operations and practise your maths.

Practise numerical series


How to play?

The bees are all mixed up. Help them to put the signs in order placing them on the pole from the lowest (at the bottom) to the highest (at the top) number. To move the signs you only have to click on it and drag it. If you want to put it back, click on it again and drag it to the initial position or another place. When all of them will be in the correct position, Pipo will let you know.



There are 10 levels of difficulty in this game:

Level 1: Numbers from 1 to 10.

Level 2: Numbers up to 20

Level 3: Two-digit numbers.

Level 4: Three-digit numbers.

Level 5: Three and four-digit numbers.

Level 6: Addition with solution less than 5.

Level 7: Addition of two-digit numbers plus one-digit numbers.

Level 8: Addition of two-digit numbers.

Level 9: Multiplication tables.

Level 10: Divisions.

This game is great to learn Maths and have fun. (Maths info)

Logic Games

Logic Games is a group of three different activities which try to stimulate the deductive reasoning.

This section is one of the most important parts of mathematical thought.

In these games working on it at early age is really positive for the child. It provides children of a better viewing of the world and let them understand better their planet.

In the next blog will see in detail how to play these logic games.

Basically you will be able to play to three different games which are going to be explain in a future blog. So keep lñooking in our blog to find out about this review. The crocodriles, the bees and the Roller Coaster are great to develope and practise logic.

Math Lessons

This game is great to learn Maths and have fun. (Maths info)

The Crocodiles logic game

With this logic game your child will be able to practise maths and to stimulates his or her mental ability.

Description: In this game, the child will have to calculate the number of jumps that Pipo has to make to reach the other side of a river full of hungry crocodiles. This game stimulates mental agility and logic reasoning in a funny way so they will be able to learn and enjoy at the same time.

The Crocodiles game

Learning Objectives

Promote mental agility

Stimulate logic and deductive reasoning

Practice additions and subtractions

Overall improve your maths skills

How to play?

Calculate the number of jumps that Pipo has to make to reach a safe stone and save him from the crocodiles. Choose one of the leaves that has the answer inside and click on it. Be careful, because if Pipo fall down, the crocodiles will devour him and you will have to start again!


There are several levels of difficulty to practise your maths. Check this below.

There are 5 levels of difficulty in this game:

Level 1: Jumps from 1 to 10.

Level 2: The number of jumps is expressed in additions (hold the mouse on the life to get help) This will help your child to improve their mental maths.

Level 3: The number of jumps is expressed in additions. (There is not help)

Level 4: The number of jumps is expressed in subtractions. (hold the mouse on the life to get help)

Level 5: The number of jumps is expressed in subtractions.(There is not help)

Math Lessons


This game is great to learn Maths and have fun. (Maths info)

The Money game maths

Description: This is an incredibly useful maths game for children.

With this maths game they will learn and practice how to use the money correctly giving the exact coins the need to buy anything.

The children can practise this kind of activity really useful in real life. In the game, the will have to buy putting the exact coins into the machine.

The Money game

Learning Objectives

Learn to use money to buy something.

Practice maths with additions in a normal situation.

Practice maths calculating the exact price of different objects.

Learn the money system of a unit and cents


How to play?

There is an object in the machine with a price. Click on the dollars/euros to place it into the columns and form the number you need to buy the object in the machine. There are one column for dollars/euros and another one for cents. When you get the exact number click OK button to check if you are right to buy the product.

* Press F8 key to change the configuration of the currency (Dollar or Euro).



Level 1: Practice maths with additions of cents up to 20.

Level 2: Addition of euros/dollars up to 20.

Level 3: Practice maths with addition of cents up to 1.50 euros/dollars.

Level 4: Addition of euro/dollar and cents (less than 25).

Level 5: Addition of euro/dollar (only notes).

Level 6: Practice maths with addition of euro/dollar and cents.

Math Lessons


This game is great to learn Maths and have fun. (Maths info)