Spanish Lessons and Spanish Tuition for children Widgets Widgets School-e Ltd offers Spanish Lessons for children and we have been teaching Spanish in after school clubs and as part of the curriculum in Manchester schools for the past eleven years. Overall we have over 20 years experience with children. Our Spanish lessons in the schools enable children to understand and speak useful everyday Spanish, so […]

Primary School Resources

Primary school Resources such as Music resources provide a good range of audio Spanish song. Our Primary School Resources from our website are providing and helping primary school teachers to decide on their school assembly something different. Already some school provides some activities where Key Stage 1 children dances in the morning with foreign music (Spanish, French, German or English). […]

Article in Spanish

What is an article in Spanish? With dates: The definite article goes in expressions that refer to dates for example the days of the week: El examen es el miércoles (The exam is on Wednesday) Mi cumpleaños es el 11 de Julio (My birthday is on 11thJuly) Note: There are expressions used for dates that do not use the article. […]

Spanish Nouns

Spanish Nouns are quite difficult for English speakers. Why? Nouns “ sustantivos, nombres “ are words used to name persons, animals, things, places or abstract concepts. As we will see, nouns have gender. They can be classified as masculine, feminine and neuter. As in English language, some nouns will have natural gender such as boy or girl. But, in Spanish […]

The Space Ship game

In each game, the children will receive lots of energy cells when they are progressing in the different levels. The child will get energy cells that will be kept in the storage battery. Click on it and place the energy cell in the external fuel tank of the space ship. When you get all energy cells, the Martians will have […]