Spanish Tuition in Manchester

Private Spanish lessons in Manchester

How does it work?

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Your address
  4. e-mail address
  5. Phone number
  6. Your Spanish level (None/Beginner/Intermediate or advanced)
  7. Reason or motive to learn Spanish

This will help us to choose the best way to approach and customise our lessons to your needs

  • We arrange a convenient day/days and time to give the lesson.
  • We deliver the Spanish lesson to you tailored to your needs.


Advantages of private tuition:


  1. Having a tutor in your home so you can relax after your days work and you don’t have to go to college.
  2. You could progress and learn probably 35 % more than in a group class. As you probably know you can ask all your questions at anytime during our lessons. This is much easier with private tuition. On the other hand in normal class you can not have this facility and sometimes it is not possible to have everything clear because some other students also ask things you may already know. Therefore this is delaying your learning curve.
  3. The lessons for adults will be given in Spanish but we don´t waste time if there is something you can´t understand. Our experience has shown this is a bit difficult for adults with no prior knowledge of target language. However we recommend to gradually reduce the amount of English in the lesson. Of course this can only be provided by experienced tutors.
  4. This is the most effective training solution when a student needs to improve language skills in some areas or when the client has a very busy work schedule during the day.


Our prices

These prices include the journey of a tutor to your place, the design of a personal programme with your tutor and any material used will be given by the tutor in the class.


Personal Tuition


£30 per hour approximately


£40 per hour approximately

mini group (3)

£45 per hour approximately


These are estimated rates and from time to time we update our prices.

  1. Charge you if we exceed the lesson by a few minutes.
  2. Force to you to book a minimum of two hours together. Some people prefer shorter lessons and we accommodate this.
  3. Make you buy any books or material from us or from any specific shop.


  1. In order to start our Spanish lessons we will send you an e-mail in order for you to formalise the payment.
  2. In the event of a cancellation of any particular day because we can´t supply a Spanish tutor to you we will credit this to you or deduct from our invoice for the following term.
  3. Follow school calendars, holidays and we arrange the days with you in advance with plenty of time to notify to our teachers.
  4. Recommend and show different sorts of Spanish teaching materials. We will repeat we do not sell or promote any book in particular. Some books are really good for some people and some other books will be excellent for some other students, however maybe not appropriate for others. Maybe you already have a suitable book to follow and do not need to buy another.

Our Spanish lessons:

We try to deliver the lesson in the best way we can to make you engage with the Spanish and to make you talk as much as we can during the lesson, as your knowledge of Spanish progresses to an appropriate level to do this.

We do recommend practising as much as you can. However we understand English culture and weeks fly very quickly. Sometimes we will make you finish some activities however always we will say if you have got some spare time during the week otherwise don´t worry we will do it in the following session. We will recommend that you listen to some radio, TV, or anything relevant to the topic we are covering.
However we will not put you strict homework and waste your time with long corrections during our lessons.

Our teachers

Our teachers are fluent in English and Spanish. They enjoy teaching and sharing culture with their students.
All of them are DBS checked. Also we do recommend you to ask for this especially if the class is intended for a younger person.

Competitors prices

Considering a lot of competitors they will force to you to book a minimum of two hours. You can have a look this table and Google some others to judge yourself. We consider we are quite competitive with our services however we are proud of providing a great service to you.

Is this class suitable for me?

The best thing to do is give us a call. However look at this. Are you an individual/child or mature person that needs Spanish because…

  • You have a second residence in Spain or you go to Spain quite often on holidays (WE CAN HELP YOU).
  • You are a Primary Spanish teacher and you will like to reinforce your Spanish (WE CAN HELP YOU).
  • You are a student preparing Spanish exams (WE CAN HELP YOU).
  • Are you a School? We already operate in several schools in Manchester in Curricular and extra curricular lessons. Give us a ring and we will schedule a meeting to speak with the head teacher.


Are you giving Spanish lessons to 4 or 5 students?

Not as private tuition. This is a very low number of children even to run any club and cover our expenses. All our existing customers reading this know this and know about our flexibility.  We try to maintain as reasonable as possible small groups and we work closely with the schools and continuously growing our built relationships over the years.

Are you including the VAT in your prices?
Are you teaching in London?
Not at the moment we only provide lessons in Greater Manchester and Chesire.

I am an adult can I play educational children games to learn Spanish?
Usually the educational Spanish games for children are not addressed for adults however we know a lot of families with children play and have fun with them. Perhaps the little ones they can surprise you!

How long do we have to wait to find a teacher?
There are some factors to take into account. How far are you from the tutor and availability of your preferred time? The best thing is to give us a call.

Are you teaching in nurseries?

Yes we are, we liaise with private and nurseries within primary schools.

Are you DBS cheeked?
Yes, we are.

Have you got school references?
Yes, we have and we do provide those after a contract has been formalised if required. (Schools only)

What some people think about us:

Amazing I have improved my Spanish a lot since you give me Spanish lessons. I’ll keep booking with you

Always on time and really reliable. Our last teacher was terrible, kept missing lessons all the time. You have been a star!
Tony and Susan

Thanks a lot my Spanish exam was not as difficult as I thought it was going to be. You helped me a lot I am much more confident.


I couldn’t believe it I get that job in Murcia. Come over any time – you gave me everything I needed.

It has been a really difficult process for us. We finally moved to Spain as you know. You had helped a lot to my children and we could not have been more thankful. They adapted really quickly in the Spanish school and everything they have learnt with you has been really useful because they pick it up extremely quickly.
Muchos recuerdos y nos vemos muy pronto.
Carla, Christian and Eve.

We much appreciate all your patience and the fact you always give 110% in all your Spanish lessons.
Tony and Clair

Very good value for money.

Our Private Spanish tuition in Manchester. (Spanish lessons)