Buenos días-Buenas tardes-Buenas Noches

  Buenas días, buenas tardes, Buenas noches Excellent song you can practise with the children and learn how to say good morning, good afternoon and goodnight. You can perhaps watch this short video in a whiteboard in the class or you can listen the track. You can also practise some other instructions with the children. The tune is quite good […]


This is a good report from an old Spanish student:   Mark has made very good progress in Spanish. He remembers new sentences easily. He is really good at listening and giving answers out loud correctly. He did a great recorded audio with his peer and he clearly exceeds expectations. His pronunciation is really good. He just needs to keep […]

Play with Pipo in the City

Play with PIPO in the City, creative with the objectives related to teaching the skill of reading. It´s an amazing game to explore the city and at the same time you learn and practise your spelling, your writing, your maths capability, your visual memory spatial awareness. IT and reading skills are also practised whilst playing. From the initial overview of […]