Spanish Year 5 – Great work about the planets

Children in Year 5 they are producing great Spanish work. I have scanned a few copies so you can see it. The chosen topic where the planets, they love it and children can challange any teacher in that topic. So, if you are a Spanish teacher and you decide to do this in any of your lessons make sure you […]

Spanish Year 3 Describe People

In year 3 we were describing children in the class that day and it was quite fun and children enjoyed describing their mates in Spanish and playing guessing games. You can see below some great work done by one of them. We also learnt some vocabulary about the body and we sang some Spanish songs like “Cabeza, Hombros, Piernas, Pies […]

Play with Pipo in the city

New words are introduced to your children by Pipo, which helps extend their skills for reading. Navigation around the site is really intuitive, which develops the child’s independence and individual learning. Come and play with Pipo is an introduction for children into the everyday vocabulary of a child. Children can interact with the scene and familiarize themselves with the new […]