Play with Pipo in the City

Play with PIPO in the City, creative with the objectives related to teaching the skill of reading.
It´s an amazing game to explore the city and at the same time you learn and practise your spelling, your writing, your maths capability, your visual memory spatial awareness. IT and reading skills are also practised whilst playing.
From the initial overview of the city, you have access to various scenes as well as new and exciting educational games.

Visiting all around the city and exploring the street, the supermarket, the circus, the zoo and the rides at the fair. While playing with Pipo you will learn many things. There are 5 different games. According to the scene you practice one area of vocabulary or another, but exercises are never repeated.

The submarine games: increase your vocabulary as you play.
The butterfly games: learn to build words with syllables
The ants games: Building sentences
The airplane game: Learning the letters of the alphabet.
The pencil game: Learn as you colour.

This product includes an educational guide for parents and teachers.
Individualized learning with structured levels of difficulty.
Keys that will help you use the programme:

(F1 key): Help on how to use this programme.
(F5 key): Options to quick visit and to change some settings.
(F6 key): Change the language from English to Spanish or vice versa.
(F9 key): Score on each game.

Lower and upper case letters case can be selected at any time.
Adapt the level of difficulty for each child.

Bilingual (Spanish and English)
PC and MAC compatible (unfortunately it is not compatible with LION or later versions)
3-9 yrs old

You can use it with old operating systems such as: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Vista, XP. Compatible 32 y 64 bits


Also you can play on-line.

If you need some Spanish lessons