How About Some Lovely Spanish Songs For Little Ones?

There are a lot of songs on the web and I have just found these nice songs. If you have children up to 6 or 7 years old you could have a look and listen to some of those songs and sing Spanish along with them.

Just to make your life easier I listened to all the Spanish Songs and I have compiled a list below for you with the starting times so if you want to check a specific song you can look at the times below. (Please note if the provider updates his U-tube video we can´t do anything about it.


(0:9 seconds) Si estás Feliz, Feiz …

(1:56) Lluvia, lluvia vete ya…

(4:12) Cabeza, hombros, rodillas y pies (Checking the Spanish words first)

(4:49) Cabeza, hombros, rodillas y pies (Starts the Song)

(6:12) La araña pequeñita (Checking the vocab first)

(6:55) La araña pequeñita (Starts the song)

(8:22) Marinera que fue al mar (Vocabulary: Caballo de mar, Medusa, Tortuga, Pulpo, Tiburón y Ballena)

(11:10) Diez Ositos en la cama (Counting up to 10)

(13:48) Las ruedas del bus girando van.

(16:10) Cinco ranitas

(18:45) Familia Tiburón (Words to learn are: bebé, mamá, papá, abuelo, abuela, peces, lejos, naden rápido y adiós)

(21:42) Los opuestos (Abre y cierra, Grande y pequeño, Por favor y No, gracias, Rápido y lento, Fuerte y silencioso and finally Me escondo y aquí estoy)

(24:07) Contar siete 7 (Counting song up to 7 using the word papa (sort of potato but don´t get confused with the usual Spanish word “Patata”

I have left you the link below just in case. Remember you don´t need to listen to all the songs in one go. There are many Spanish songs to enjoy and children need time to get confident with new songs and new Spanish words.

Just to finish I would like to mention that introducing children to music at a young age is beneficial for their cognitive development and can also be a fun and engaging way for them to learn about different cultures. Spanish songs, in particular, can provide little ones with a rich cultural experience while improving their language skills. With catchy rhythms and playful lyrics, these songs can captivate children’s attention and help them learn new words and phrases in Spanish.

Listening to Spanish songs can also expand children’s worldviews and expose them to the beauty of another language and culture. By immersing themselves in these songs, children can develop an appreciation for diversity and embrace different ways of expressing emotions and ideas. Furthermore, singing along to Spanish songs can boost children’s confidence and creativity as they explore new sounds and experiment with different vocal tones and rhythms.

In conclusion, exposing children to lovely Spanish songs at a young age can benefit their development and cultural awareness. Parents and educators can design a fun and superb environment for children to learn and grow by incorporating these songs into daily routines. So, how about adding some lovely Spanish songs to your little one’s playlist today and watching them increase their musical journey that will entertain them and expand their horizons?

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We hope you enjoy the songs.