Buenos días-Buenas tardes-Buenas Noches


Buenas días, buenas tardes, Buenas noches

Excellent song you can practise with the children and learn how to say good morning, good afternoon and goodnight.

You can perhaps watch this short video in a whiteboard in the class or you can listen the track.

You can also practise some other instructions with the children.

The tune is quite good therefore children are quickly getting engage with it.

Let them watched and enjoy with them.  Suitable for Nurseries, Key Stage 1 and also Key stage 2. Children can practise also daily routines such as:

  • Me voy a dormir.
  • Me quito la ropa.
  • Me pongo el pijama.
  • Me cepillo los dientes.
  • Me voy a la cama.

I won´t translate those, you can watch the video and find out! It is pretty clear from the video however if you are in any of our classes and you are not sure you can ask us.


We hope you enjoy this blog!

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