Spanish Lesson about the family – Part 1

Familias / Families.A Starter:   Revise ¡Buenos días! and ¡Hola! Children who know a greeting in another language can greet the class.   Main Spanish activities:   Register and Revise ¿Qué tal? Bien. ¿Y tú? “Muy bien” Very good… Ask ¿Cómo te llamas? or “¿Qué tal?” To some of the children to reinforce pronunciation. Usual answers were refreshed on the board “Muy bien, […]

Spanish Adjectives

Spanish Adjectives Adjectives are words that go with the noun to modify or qualify the meaning adding more information or detail making it different to the others and more specific. The most important adjectives are the qualifying adjectives. Examples of this type of adjectives are pequeño (small), azul (blue) or beautiful (bonito). These are the group that we are going […]

Rocket Spanish Review and Learn Spanish

Will Rocket Spanish really make a difference in your life and help you gain more self confidence? Rocket Spanish Overview: Rocket Spanish Can you suddenly start being reliant on yourself? If you compare the Rocket Spanish to other products you will learn which one is better rather quick. In order to use this product you will need to find a […]