Introduction to Come to play with Pipo

Come and Play with Pipo is an educational game created and coordinated by child psychology professionals including contributions from teachers and specialists in each educational area.

Come and Play with pipo start menu

This game aims to let the children learn through play, reaching the main purpose of the game: children development in some areas like intuition,creativity, reasoning, etc.

From the pedagogical and educational point of view, each game works in a specific skill providing fundamental knowledge about the area. However, children think they are playing and having fun trying to solve them.

Come and Play with Pipo has been created for the toddlers, from 2 to 6 years old.

Thanks to the variety and the treatment of the contents, is aimed as well to children with learning difficulties or special educational needs. This is why all the games have various levels of difficulties to adapt the concepts, extending the range of age to play and making the game more complete and rich in contents. Even the contents at the highest levels, the kid can always use them and familiarize with them progressively meanwhile is having fun.

The main areas and skills that the game develops are: reading and writing, maths, the hours, music, learn to use the mouse, and science (human body, animals, …) always displayed in a simple, clear and stimulating way trying to catch the children’s interest.

The programme takes place in scenarios really well known by the kids, like the bedroom, the school, the kitchen, the bathroom, the beach, the park, etc. For this reason the game has the perfect platform for learning.

The duration of each game will vary according to the speed of learning, needs and capability of each player. There is no time pressure, and children can stop playing at any time. However we do recommend shorts periods of 20 to 30 minutes. Remember you can always combine this support learning software with some other curricular or extra curricular activities.

For parents and teachers

The main concept of the game is to let the children interact with the computer as if it was a toy. Like that they can get used to work with a universal tool that they definitely will have to learn to use.

Of course you can help them at the beginning even play with the most little ones. Remember you can always use the monitoring tool to see later what have they been learning.

Come and Play with Pipo offers the possibility of playing in three languages: English, Spanish and Catalan.  That is why the game has an important value when the purpose is to learn another language while is focusing in another aspects of the daily life.

All the games count the hits and mistakes you make: points are important to motivate the child to keep playing, to make an effort and to improve his learning. You should note that points are not important and significant to the children, though are an additional challenge for them.


You can enjoy Spanish lessons with Come to play with Pipo (Spanish info)