Spanish Prepositions – Sobre and Tras

We are now going to finish with the last two Spanish Prepositions and some examples in order to clarify this topic.


sobre= over, about, on top of, above, approximately


– To show position of something keeping contact physically (“on top of”, “on”):

Ej: El libro está sobre la mesa (The book is on the table)

     Pon los pies sobre el suelo (Put the feet on the floor)


– To show position with no physical contact (“above”, “over”):

Ej: Hay pájaros volando sobre nosotros (There are birds flying above us)


– To say “over” in a figurative way:

Ej: El presidente está sobre los ministros (The president is above the ministers)


– To express the subject or the topic “about”:

Ej: El libro es sobre inmigración (The book is about inmigration)

     No quiero hablar sobre el tema (I don’t want to speak about it)


– To express approximation in time (“approximately” “about”):

Ej: Llegaré sobre las 10 (I will arrive about 10)



tras= after, behind (can replace “después” and “detrás”)


– To express the idea of “after”, “following” and “behind”:

Ej: Hay un coche tras la casa (there is a car behind the house)

     El perro va tras el gato (the dog is following the cat)


We hope we helped with the Spanish prepositions. Those were the last two Spanish prepositions. Hopefully we did not missed any however if you find something missing you can write to us! (Spanish info)