Spanish Lesson about the family – Part 1

Familias / Families.A



  • Revise ¡Buenos días! and ¡Hola! Children who know a greeting in another language can greet the class.


Main Spanish activities:


  • Register and Revise ¿Qué tal? Bien. ¿Y tú? “Muy bien” Very good…
  • Ask ¿Cómo te llamas? or “¿Qué tal?” To some of the children to reinforce pronunciation.
  • Usual answers were refreshed on the board “Muy bien, regular, muy mal” and quick practise about it.
  • Play a guessing game: One child sits with their back to the class and asks ¿Cómo te llamas? Silently point to another child, who then disguises their voice and says Me llamo + the wrong name. Teacher shouts “¿Quien es?” The first child says “Es …” (Is …) The class chorus a response with Sí/No, me llamo …


Final Activities:


  • We are going to introduce the members of one family. This could also be done much better on the interactive board, can the children identify some family members?


In this lesson children should learn:


  • To recognise some familiar words in written form.
  • To recognise question forms.
  • To imitate pronunciation.
  • To play games to help remember.


The objectives of this lesson are:


  • Understand the meaning of mi madre,mi padre, mi hermana, mi hermano
  • Understand the meaning of “¿quién es? Es …
  • Begin to use the structure Ésta es mi hermana, etc

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