Free Spanish Lesson about names

Nombres / Names.B Starter: Usual greetings Main Spanish activities: Recap the dialogue from last week and finish it. Repeat the Spanish names and Invite children to do so. So the practise the sound “J” Jaime, juán, josé, etc. Pay attention and practise( Yo) me llamo (I am called). Ask the question ¿Cómo te llamas? (What’s your name?) around the room, so that children […]

Free Spanish lessons ready for you to deliver in your Primary class

Nombres / Names.A Starter:   Revise ¡Buenas tardes! and ¡Hola! Children who know a greeting in another language can greet the class. Main Spanish activities:   Revise ¿Qué tal? Bien. ¿Y tú? Introduce an alternative answer – Mal (Not well) – by showing your thumbs down or drawing a sad face on the board. Invite children to move around the class, shaking hands, […]

The game – Come and Play with Pipo

On the first screen, Pipo will ask you to write your name or to choose your name from the list (if you have already played the game before), so that your scores can be kept. Come and Play with Pipo If is the first time you played, Pipo will ask you to write it twice. This avoids children entering text […]

Introduction to Come to play with Pipo

Come and Play with Pipo is an educational game created and coordinated by child psychology professionals including contributions from teachers and specialists in each educational area. This game aims to let the children learn through play, reaching the main purpose of the game: children development in some areas like intuition,creativity, reasoning, etc. From the pedagogical and educational point of view, […]

Spanish Prepositions – Sobre and Tras

We are now going to finish with the last two Spanish Prepositions and some examples in order to clarify this topic. “Sobre” sobre= over, about, on top of, above, approximately   – To show position of something keeping contact physically (“on top of”, “on”): Ej: El libro está sobre la mesa (The book is on the table)      Pon los pies […]