Nine scenes including the School

The scenes are really good. There are nine scenarios to choose. There is no order; they can choose any scene they feel like.

In each one the kid can explore and click on the objects, always related with the place they are playing. Pipo will teach them how to write and pronounce these words. Children will feel the need to repeat Pipo and this is a really good way to improve their diction.

The nine scenes are:

  1. The bathroom
  2. The living room
  3. The kitchen
  4. The bedroom
  5. The park
  6. The school
  7. The beach
  8. The garden
  9. Domestic animals

The scenes come and Play with Pipo

On the bar of each scene, you can see the icons for the games together with a jar of cookies, in which the number of cookies obtained and those which can be obtained are shown in each game. When the player begins to get cookies the jar changes its colour, this means it is filling up.

Achievement certificate of the scene: Only when you have succeeded all the games in the scene, you will be able to print out the diploma of this section.

The children they get really excited when they finished one section so they can get their certificate.

In the picture above you can see the school section. As you can guess at the time we printed this image shot we were playing in English otherwise if you click the “notebook” would have said “libreta” or “cuaderno“.

You can enjoy Spanish lessons with Come to play with Pipo (Spanish info)