The game – Come and Play with Pipo

On the first screen, Pipo will ask you to write your name or to choose your name from the list (if you have already played the game before), so that your scores can be kept.

Come and Play with Pipo

If is the first time you played, Pipo will ask you to write it twice. This avoids children entering text by mistake. Please make sure you do that properly at least for the first time otherwise you can´t play. So imagine your girl is call “Eve”. By default you can see Pipo in the list. (Of course you can play and play as Pipo) however personally I think is better you type Eve, you will be ask to introduce the name again (same spelling). I explain this because if you have selected “Spanish or Catalan” you will hear this in Spanish or Catalan. Make sense! So introduce once again “Eve” and you will be able to see Eve in the list. So now you have got to users “Pipo and Eve”. Now imagine you have got another child “Charlotte”, repeat the process and Charlotte will be also in the list. It is a perfect tool if you are a teacher too.


On this opening screen you can also have access to a range of special buttons:


–         PLAY button, you can access to the game.

–         EXIT button, to leave the game.

–         OPTIONS, F5 button, where you can see a brief about all the games of the product.

–         F6 button, languages, allows you to change the language (Spanish, English or Catalan).

–         Green question mark, F1, the helping window. This button is linked to the summary of how the game works and the instruction to play.

–         CIBAL multimedia, the credits of the game.

You can enjoy Spanish lessons with Come to play with Pipo (Spanish info)