The boat – Come and Play with Pipo

You can now read the learning objectives and how to play to this great game “the boat” available at Come and Play with Pipo. Learning objectives:  recognize the objects which are shown in the boat and learn the numbers from 1 to 10. How to play? :  10 images are shown in the screen, you have to identify the one […]

Colouring Games

You can now read  the learning objectives and how to play this colour game. Learning objectives: recognize the colours (by sight and sound) promoting the artistic capacity of the child while stimulate his imagination and creativity. How to play? : You have to colour the scene. The child must click on the colour he want to use and then click […]

Nine scenes including the School

The scenes are really good. There are nine scenarios to choose. There is no order; they can choose any scene they feel like. In each one the kid can explore and click on the objects, always related with the place they are playing. Pipo will teach them how to write and pronounce these words. Children will feel the need to […]

His house – Come to play with Pipo

This is Pipo’s house and from here you will be able to visit all the scenarios. All the places are linked with the daily live of the child making easier the learning. Thanks to the fun presentation children will learn and increase their vocabulary without realising it. So the child now can go to any section that he or she […]