The train game – Come and Play with Pipo

You can now read the learning objectives and how to play to this great game “the train game” available at Come and Play with Pipo.

Learning objectives: identify the letter of the alphabet on the keyboard from words associated with an image. The children will start to use the keyboard.

How to play? :

It is a fantastic game, the little ones will learn new Spanish words however at the same they are practising and learning to type words using the keyword.

A word appears on the screen and Pipo ask you to write its letters, pressing on the keyboard (recommended) or in the screen.  It is not necessary to press them in the correct order, although it is recommended.

To help in recognizing and associating the image with the word, a drawing appears in the top left-hand corner of the screen.



You can enjoy Spanish lessons with Come to play with Pipo (Spanish info)