Maths games

Maths with Pipo is an educational game designed through one main purpose: learn and have fun at the same time. The games aim to let the children learn throw play, promoting creativity, logic and deductive reasoning. This makes the children think they are just playing and having fun trying to solve them, but from a pedagogical and educational point of […]

Maths and Pipo

In the first screen of Maths with Pipo, you can choose your nickname to play and see other options like: Assistance for Adults: Gives a brief description and basic instructions if this is the first time that you have played. From here you have access to the general helpline for parents and teachers where you can see how the program […]

Define el esplai

Define esplai define el esplai como un nuevo modelo de identidad educativa. Primeramente mencionar que la palabra “esplai” es una palabra que no está reconocida en el diccionario español aunque se encuentre definida en Wikipedia pero como este curso lo hice en catalán aparece en todos mis apuntes en catalán. “monitor de esplai” es decir monitor de tiempo libre y […]

cuts of staff

As headteachers struggle to balance their books, according to a joint survey by heads´union the TES and the NAHT has revealed that 37 per cent of schools are expecting to see redundancies. Unfortunately four in ten schools are planning to reduce some of their staff over the next 12 months. Mr Hobby said the drop in the number of school […]