Colouring again with Pipo

You can colour with Pipo! Description: Colour with Pipo in the divided pictures with the colours. The child will try to fill the picture with the right colours. The numbers and colours are related so, at the same time, the child will learn to recognize numbers and colours through listening and viewing. Also, this is a great activity to stimulate […]

The Puzzle

Description: Help Pipo to build a puzzle completing and connecting all the pieces to see the hidden picture. When you press the pieces they will appear in the empty space. Building a puzzle the child will strengthen attention capacity and specially will stimulate visual and spatial memory. The youngest of the family will have a great fun with this game […]

Illustrated Games

It is recommended that young kids start with the illustrated games, which are easier, and give a good chance to introduce them to the world of numbers. In this section, the games try to promote the mental activities related to abstract reasoning and stimulate the artistic capacities of the child. They will practice numerical games with sequences during all these […]

Esplai Educativo

En este “post” vamos a ver algunas de las características de la educación dentro del esplai. Partiendo de la definición de la educación como “ayuda al crecimiento de la persona” se pueden desglosar una serie de características con el fin de analizar los objetivos y la metodologia del tiempo libre y/o esplai. Una característica importante de la educación es el […]