The Rockets maths game

Description: The Rockets is a maths game to learn and practice additions.

In this case, the child has to solve the additions that Pipo sets and answer them in a funny way, clicking the rockets that fly in the screen. The child will be improving constantly solving more difficult additions progressively but without notice.

Therefore he or she will improve their maths.

They will have fun with the rockets and solving lots of additions. To travel through the space they will have to add very well.

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Learning Objectives

Learn and practice additions.

Improve your maths.

Stimulate mental calculations and agility.


How to play?

Solve the additions that Pipo sets you. You have two options to give the result: you can answer by typing the result of the operation in the square and then click OK button to check if you are right or you can give your answer by clicking the corresponding rocket.



– There are 10 levels of difficulty in this game:

Level 1: Additions with result less or equal to 5

Level 2: Additions with result less or equal to 7


At this level you are progressing with your maths

Level 3: Additions with result less or equal to 10

Level 4: Additions with result less or equal to 20

You are now improving  maths

Level 5: Multiples of ten plus one digit.

Level 6: Addition of multiples of ten.

You are now really checking your maths

 Level 7: Addition of to 5 to multiples of 5.

Level 8: Add 10 to any number.

Level 9: Add 2 digit-numbers plus 1 digit-numbers

Level 10: Add 2 digit-numbers plus 2 digit-numbers

If you are at this level means your maths are really good.


This game is great to learn Maths and have fun. (Maths info)