The bridge – Maths

Here we find 6 sections in which are hidden more than 20 maths  games. Once you press PLAY button, we get into the bridge of Pipo´s spaceship.

This sometimes for a new user could be a bit unclear is for this reason we are now going to explain in more detail. However remember the children love to explore and find out the things along the way.

Control panel bridge Maths games


In each section you will find a great variety of maths games.

All the games try to help children to internalize and get use to basic math concepts and practice maths operations in an enjoyable, fun and visual way.

As you succeed in the maths games, you will get energy cells to help the Martians to fill their spaceship´s fuel tank and then allow them to come back to their planet.

Children love it! I love it myself when I play with them. -good revision of maths-

This game is great to learn Maths and have fun. (Maths info)