Quantity, Weight and more

Quantity, Weight, Measurement, Money and Maths In this section there are a group of 7 maths games based on a practical use of mathematics concepts. These games are probably the most helpful and interesting for the child because they are completely related to useful and normal activities of life. For instance, they will learn to work with weights getting an […]

The Multiplication Tables

Description: In this maths game, the child will learn and practice all the multiplication tables from 1 to 10 in a funny and visual way. Once you get in the first screen you will be able to choose the maths table you want to learn by clicking in the hatch. All multiplications are represented by pictures that symbol the maths […]

The Division Machine-maths game

Description: Division is the most complex of this group of maths operations. When the children achieve to master the division, they will be ready to solve any kind of calculation. Pipo can help the child with the maths to solve the operation if any help is needed by pressing the question mark. You can change the design of the division […]

The Subtracting – best maths

Description: With this maths game the child will be able to see how subtraction works. The children will learn and practice subtraction in a visually and funny way receiving Pipo´s help at any time they may need it.  Help with hands and balloons will show how subtraction is done. Subtracting with Pipo Learning Objectives: Learn and practice the subtraction. Stimulate […]

The Machine maths game

Description: The Adding Machine maths game will help the child to add up. The child will be able to solve maths additions from the easiest to the most difficult, being provided of help at any time. In this maths game, they can get help using hands or marbles. Using marbles the child will see how the maths sum is done […]