Weight and Scales

Description: In this maths game the child will play and learn to balance weight of the scales. With this, the child will understand the maths concept of equivalence working with weight. It is also interesting because they can see how works the firsts and archaic measuring systems which is important from the point of view of History. Now a days […]

The Cash Register – maths game

Description: In the Cash Register maths game the child will learn to form from one-digit numbers to four-digit numbers. The maths game has a cash machine with 4 columns that represents thousands, hundreds, tens and units. The child will have to manage to form the number that Pipo is asking for. This maths exercise is really helpful to reinforce and […]

The Martians – fantastic maths game

Description: In this maths game the child have to put the Martians into the rocket solving an operation. This maths game will help the child to understand how to add, subtract, multiply and divide in a visual and outlining way. The Martians is a great maths game to review the concepts of mathematical operations. When the children play with this […]

The Helicopters game – maths

Description: With the helicopters maths game the child will learn and practice to recognize the numbers through listening. Pipo sings a number and the child have to click on the helicopter with the same number that Pipo ask you for. You can change the speed of the helicopters to make it easier or more difficult. In this maths game the […]