The Money game maths

Description: This is an incredibly useful maths game for children.

With this maths game they will learn and practice how to use the money correctly giving the exact coins the need to buy anything.

The children can practise this kind of activity really useful in real life. In the game, the will have to buy putting the exact coins into the machine.

The Money game

Learning Objectives

Learn to use money to buy something.

Practice maths with additions in a normal situation.

Practice maths calculating the exact price of different objects.

Learn the money system of a unit and cents


How to play?

There is an object in the machine with a price. Click on the dollars/euros to place it into the columns and form the number you need to buy the object in the machine. There are one column for dollars/euros and another one for cents. When you get the exact number click OK button to check if you are right to buy the product.

* Press F8 key to change the configuration of the currency (Dollar or Euro).



Level 1: Practice maths with additions of cents up to 20.

Level 2: Addition of euros/dollars up to 20.

Level 3: Practice maths with addition of cents up to 1.50 euros/dollars.

Level 4: Addition of euro/dollar and cents (less than 25).

Level 5: Addition of euro/dollar (only notes).

Level 6: Practice maths with addition of euro/dollar and cents.

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This game is great to learn Maths and have fun. (Maths info)