Weight and Scales

Description: In this maths game the child will play and learn to balance weight of the scales.

With this, the child will understand the maths concept of equivalence working with weight.

It is also interesting because they can see how works the firsts and archaic measuring systems which is important from the point of view of History. Now a days is not easy to see this instruments and it let the child realize how it was in past.

The Weight of the Scales maths game

Learning Objectives

Learn to weight using a scale.

Learn the maths concept of equivalence.

Use interactively classic system of measure.

Practice maths additions in a applied use.

How to play?

Place the weights in the scale to try to get a balance. The weights are in the shelf, choose one each time and click on it to put it into the scale. If you want to change the position of any weight, click on it again to replace it. If you have made a mistake you also can press the trash bin and it will come back to the self automatically.


There are 4 levels of difficulty in this maths game:

Level 1: 3 weight and addition up to 8.

Level 2: 4 weight and addition up to 16.

Level 3: 3 weight and maths addition up to 20.

Level 4: Maths addition of 4 weight up to 20.

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This game is great to learn Maths and have fun. (Maths info)

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