The Division Machine-maths game

Description: Division is the most complex of this group of maths operations.

When the children achieve to master the division, they will be ready to solve any kind of calculation.

Pipo can help the child with the maths to solve the operation if any help is needed by pressing the question mark.

You can change the design of the division going to the configuration screen (F8).

Have a look the following maths example that has been extracted from the Pipo maths game.

The Division Machine

Learning Objectives

Learn and practice the division.

Stimulate mental calculations and agility.

Strengthen basic maths calculations.




How to play?

Solve the division that Pipo sets you. Type the result of the division on the top of the worm. You have to follow the worm to type the numbers from right to left so you can always know where to write. Press the question mark if you want Pipo to help you solving the maths operation.



There are 4 levels of difficulty in this maths game:

Level 1: Divide one-digit numbers by numbers between two and five.

Level 2: Divide two-digit numbers by numbers between two and nine.

Level 3: Divide three-digit numbers by numbers between two and nine.

Level 4: Divide four-digit numbers by numbers between two and nine.

All these levels are really good for your children and they will keep playing and progressing their maths very quickly. They will soon go from level 1 to level 4 and the best of it is that you can see and test their progress later on.

This game is great to learn Maths and have fun. (Maths info)