The Helicopters game – maths

Description: With the helicopters maths game the child will learn and practice to recognize the numbers through listening.

Pipo sings a number and the child have to click on the helicopter with the same number that Pipo ask you for.

You can change the speed of the helicopters to make it easier or more difficult. In this maths game the child will get agility with recognition of numbers in a funny way.

The Helicopters maths game

Learning Objectives

Identify numbers from 1 to 9999.

How to play the Helicopters maths game?

Listen to the number that Pipo sings and then click the helicopter that has the same number Pipo ask you for.



There are 6 levels of difficulty in this game:

Level 1: Numbers from 1 to 10. With help.

Level 2: Numbers from 1 to 10.

Level 3: Numbers from 10 to 20.

Level 4: Numbers from 20 to 50.

Level 5: Numbers from 50 to 99.

Level 6: Numbers from 100 to 999. -good revision of maths-

This game is great to learn Maths and have fun. (Maths info)