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As headteachers struggle to balance their books, according to a joint survey by heads´union the TES and the NAHT has revealed that 37 per cent of schools are expecting to see redundancies.

Unfortunately four in ten schools are planning to reduce some of their staff over the next 12 months.

Mr Hobby said the drop in the number of school staff mat not seem that high however we have to remember this is only in one year.

On the other hand and under my point of view the positive site some headteachers like John Morgan of Conyers Schools in Stockton on Tees, said he will not be forced to let any staff go, but he said his budgets were really tight.

Give us your opinion about this and if you are interested you can check the survey analysis (page 11, The Times Educational Supplement on Friday 29 April 2011, number:4939).

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This year I have seen in many schools many redundancies due to the … However in our schools we have been a bit lucky in this respect because… however we experienced some cuts in some other areas like …and I have been affected because …

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