Fight off Alzheimers´s

You can learn a second language and fight off Alzheimers´s. I was recently quite impressed with the article from the Daily Express on Saturday the 19th of February of 2011 about the possibility to learn a second language and fight off Alzheimers´s.

It has been claimed by experts that speaking two language-s wards off Alzheimer´s and at the same time keeps the brain young.

What do you think about this? People that speak several language-s push their brain to the peak which make it stronger.

I will not go into detail as you can read the article yourself however point out the following quotation

“It won´t stop you getting Alzheimers, but bilinguals can cope with the disease for longer. Switching between one language and another language is stimulating activity”.

Is bilingualism good for you?


Author: Victoria Fletcher

Date: Saturday February 19 2011

title of the article:Learn a second Language and fight Alzheimer´s

publication: Daily Express Newspaper

Learn Spanish language and fight Alzheimer´s. (Spanish language info)