Spanish Lessons in Altrincham

School-e Ltd during many years we have been offering private Spanish lessons in Altrincham, in Sale, in Salford, in Timperley, etc. To be honest any location close to us and, we have shown the flexibility to travel far away. Perhaps things will change from now on due to Covid 19, we hope to be able to come back and be able […]

Consejos para aprender un idioma

Algunos consejos en español para que sus hijos aprendan otros idiomas: En el caso de los niños bilingües se dará la situación en la que su hijo o hija estará expuesto a más de un idioma. Por ejemplo puede que su hijo en el colegio hablé y reciba las clases en inglés, pero en su casa el niño habla español […]

Manchester United stars – Spanish

You can read an interesting article wrote by Chris Morris published in the Sale and Altrincham advertiser Newspaper on the 13th of March. If you are a Manchester supporter you probably know that the Goalkeeper David de Gea and the striker Javier Hernandez are Spanish speakers. David is from Madrid and Javier is from Mexico. They went to Broadoak secondary […]

Spanish Lesson about greetings for the little ones

If you are a new Spanish teacher or perhaps you are a Spanish teacher with new children in your class or you are just a curricular MFL (modern foreign language) teacher you can try these ideas in your first lesson at the beginning of the term. Greet all the children as they arrive, encouraging them to repeat the greeting to […]