Spanish Halloween song

How to give a Spanish lesson on Halloween.

October is the month for celebrating Halloween. This year the 31st October falls on Thursday and depends the area where you live the schools are open.

This is great if you have got class that day so you could have a special Halloween Spanish lesson.

However do not hesitate in do some of these activities during the rest of the week. This will break the routine and makes the vocabulary they learn relevant, which helps them to remember it more easily. You can teach some new Spanish words like calabaza, escoba, sombrero, araña, bruja, etc and some others.

Prepare your activities as much as you can. You can prepare puzzles for them to make or some cross words with the new Spanish words. I have just attached a very easy Spanish activity that you can print and use at any time during your Spanish lesson.

Take with you some Spanish flash cards with the relevant vocabulary. You can make it as easy or difficult you want depending the age and abilities of your groups.

If you have got little ones I am going to post here a song you can practise with them. They love it and the perfectly know it in English. La araña pequeñita The eensyweensy spider.

La araña pequeñita

Subió, subió, subió.

Vino la lluvia

Y se la llevó.

Salió el sol

Y todo lo secó,

Y la araña pequeñita

Subió, subió, subió.

Finally you could also decide to celebrate Bonfire night with fireworks oriented activities. You can explain that in Spain we have got a similar celebration called San Juán on the 24th of June. However for the little ones don´t waste much time here and do a funny game like the one I am now going to explain to you. You could hold different coloured straws, strings or even pencils.

Choose a colour and write its name on a piece of paper. Put it in your pocket. Each child in turn will push down one of the straws, strings or pencils while naming its colour. When one of the children has pushed down the chosen colour, you open your hand wide open while shouting P a t a p o o m and dropping all the remaining colours.

Important! Try to don´t lose the control in your class as you know children are getting over excited very quickly. Check that it was the right answer on the piece of paper. The child who guessed the right colour can take your place and you can play several times. Good game to revise the colours with the little ones.

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