Free Spanish Body Parts

Thanks to Darcy we have attached some Spanish body parts so you can practice as much as you want. Have a look how we spell those words in Spanish and soon come back here to listen the track and let me see if you can match the Spanish numbers with the correct body part! Listen as many times as you […]

Christmas vocabulary

The idea really is that the children in your class ask you for the presents that are interested. So for instance imagine Ruby would like some new shoes for his mum. Then you can write it down on the board “Zapatos Nuevos” Like that the children are more likely to remember some words. Keep some sort of order and make […]

La ropa – The Clothes

In some of our Spanish clubs this term with children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 we have been learning some vocabulary related with clothes. Vestido – Dress Jersey – Jumper Pantalón – Trousers Pijama – Pijama Sombrero – Hat Bolso – Bag Camiseta – T-Shirt Falda – Skirt Chaqueta – Jacket Zapatos -Shoes Camisa -Shirt Calcetines -Socks Click […]