Some advice about learning Spanish as second language

When my children should start learning a second language?

As soon as possible! Do you know that you could teach your baby? Explore this. How long did it take to you to learn your mother tongue language? Why some people keep insisting that my son or daughter are too young to learn a language!

Another excuse they should learn one language properly first…

Progress will be slow during the first few years… (and exponential later on is not mentioned)

At the end of the day is not my child is your child you do what you think will be better I only can talk about my experience as a dad.

In fact our Spanish tuition in Manchester started a few years ago when our son was born. We were actually looking for some language providers due to its importance as I am Spanish and my wife is English.

Some providers were offering one thing but lacking others, after several years of research in some other aspects. We tried different things and in the end we decided to start our own business based in our experience and research.

Both of our children ages 10 and 13 are fully bilingual and we are proud of having achieved this. Some of you may think it is easy because in our case their dad is Spanish. The children are at school full time, everything is in English and no Spanish is supplied in that school as they do French.

However I can tell you that is not easy and is a really long process and a lot of patience for the second language. I will really love to see more support from the government and the primary schools. I am not seeing enough time and enough financial support in order to build a good base. It is not a surprise for me at all that there are not enough MFL teacher´s. It is not a surprise at all either that there are not enough students interested in languages. Children in secondary schools are scared. Of course will you not? I could go on and on about this. Just think about it! If you are a builder you will build the foundations of the house first and then you will setup the layers of bricks. You will not build the roof first. Would´t it?

On the other hand we know some other families with the same exposure to the language and the children they might understand Spanish but they don´t speak Spanish. Of course there are different methods and approaches we are not saying ours is the best, we are only proud our children speak English and Spanish with proper English and Spanish accent.

Research has shown that learning another language is not only useful for travelling the world, it also gives children a deeper understanding of their own and other cultures, improves problem solving skills and increases their capacity for learning generally. Additional benefits include higher scores on standardized tests, increased self-confidence and social skills, and often children will be motivated to learn additional languages at a later stage of their development.

In our Spanish tuition in Manchester we make learning Spanish fun through activities, songs, games, worksheets, audiovisual material and an interactive website.

You can make use of educational software products in your lessons, one of the World leader in Spain of bi-lingual educational materials, with currently millions of children worldwide using these products to learn another language (English/Spanish) we believe is Pipo. However you can find some others that are also really good and less price.

Children have a curiosity about new things and they love copying and repeating, this of course is an ideal starting point for learning Spanish.

By looking at what is surrounding them and listening to the sounds of everyday life, children soak up the Spanish, English or any other language without being fully conscious of it. They hear and they see and they develop the new language.

So childhood is the best time to learn a language because it can be done without children realising they are actually learning a language.

In our Spanish tuition in Manchester we do this and we are proud of the benefits of learning a second language that we are engaging with all of the children we are teaching.

We hope we answered the question however if you are in doubt the answer is as soon as possible better.

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