Christmas vocabulary

The idea really is that the children in your class ask you for the presents that are interested. So for instance imagine Ruby would like some new shoes for his mum. Then you can write it down on the board “Zapatos Nuevos” Like that the children are more likely to remember some words.

Keep some sort of order and make two columns (One in English and the other in Spanish) so even that you will probably get ask twice the word is on  the board.

Please remember this activity is in connection with a Father Christmas letter that you can download or view by following the link.

Here are some of the words some children asked:

Un perro                      A dog

Un gato                        A cat

Un coche                     A car

Una bicicleta               A bike

Un patinete                 A scooter

Some chocolates       Unos chocolates

Some books                 Unos libros

A ring                          Un anillo

A tablet                       Una tableta

Some earring             Unos pendientes

A mobile                     Un móvil

A doll                          Una muñeca

Here are some samples however if you are a Spanish teacher this activity will be a really good test for you.

Nowadays you can find great useful tools in the internet or in your apps that can help you.

Did you find in our Spanish Lesson what you was looking for? (Spanish info)