Family and Food practise for Spanish GCSE students

You can listen this free track as many times as you like altought think in your exam you will not be able to do this. However this will be a good practise for you.  Try to see if you can catch all the members of the family, their names and what kind of things do/don´t like to eat.

La familia y su comida

This below can help you.  There are seven members in this familiy and those are the clues.

1. He loves to fish and he eats only the food he fishes.

2. Only eats salads.

3. Drinks something really white.

4. Eats unhealthy food

5. He doesn´t like her diet.

6. Loves Spanish food but doesn´t like vegetarian food.

7. Eats fish and prawns.

If you want to practice a bit more why don´t you try to make the transcript of this audio.  You can show later this to your teacher to make sure you wrote it down correctly.

Listen this audio once again:

la familia y su comida

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