Examples – adverbs in Spanish

Here we can see some adverbs in Spanish: The adverbs (adverbios) are words unchangeable words with the function of modify verbs, adjectives and other adverbs expressing how, when, where, frequency and quantity. Examples of adverbs are rápidamente (quickly), lentamente (slowly), tranquilamente (calmly). These words are used to describe how an action is taking place and may refer to a variety […]

Superlative Spanish adjectives

In Spanish we use the superlative adjective form when comparing three or more objects, persons, or ideas. There are two main groups of superlatives in Spanish, the relative superlative and the absolute superlative. The relative superlative in Spanish: The English forms the most and the least are usually called the relative superlative because the information they refer to is amongst […]

Demonstratives in Spanish

Spanish Demonstratives Demonstratives are words we use to signal by adding a notion of distance in space or time. There are two kinds of demonstratives: demonstratives adjectives (este vino (this wine)) and demonstrative pronouns (¿qué es esto? (What’s this?)). “Demonstrative” comes from “to demonstrate,” so this give us an idea of the function of this grammatical elemet.. In this section […]

More about Spanish Lessons online

Some of your questions we had received about Spanish Lessons Online Andrew asks Does any one know were to get free Spanish lessons online? I am looking to learn a little Spanish online but I am not sure were to go can someone help please administrator answers: First why don´t you try our Spanish lessons online first you could sent […]