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 Those are some of our FAQ

Below we have compiled answers to the most common questions we are asked about lessons for children, lessons for adults, Spanish GCSEs and A-Level´s. We tried to put the questions in several sections   . If you're question is not answered here, then feel free to contact us!

Lessons for Children

Q: What are the advantages for young children that learn another language?

Research has shown that learning another language is not only useful for travelling the world, it also gives children a deeper understanding of their own and other cultures, improves problem solving skills and increases their capacity for learning generally. Additional benefits include higher scores on standardized tests, increased self-confidence and social skills, and often children will be motivated to learn additional languages at a later stage of their development.

Q: Why choose Spanish?

Around 500 million people around the world speak Spanish as their first language. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, not only as a first language but also as a second language and its importance economically and socially increases daily. Spanish is a fairly easy language to learn for beginners as pronunciation and grammar rules are very clear.

Q: How can I help my child learn Spanish?

The importance of early language learning has finally been recognised by the British Government, who have declared that by 2010 all children aged 7-11 should be taught MFL (modern foreign language) at primary school as part of the school curriculum. There are plenty products in the market thoose can be used in conjunction with parents and children at home to motivate children to learn and can also be used by teachers within schools for whole classes.

There are plenty tips in our website and in our blog too were you can also download some activities for free and pay some others so children keep learning all the time.

GCSE´s and A-Level

Q: Why choose you?

A: Why not? We are in your community, we know well the children from young age. We are aware about all the new changes and we know how to teach Spanish.

Please email For more information and prices.

Please read our section about GCSE and A level´s Remember to check our section.

Q: Where can you take GCSE Spanish exam?

Spanish GCSE is an exam which is normally taken by 16 year old students in the United Kingdom. Students are usually in Year 11. Students normally sit the GCSE Spanish exam in their own school and the arrangements are made with the exam boards during the academic year. However, you can also sit the Spanish GCSE in some other exam centre. This for exaample could be an option for a mature candidate.

Please email for more information and prices.

Q: Can I do an intensive GCSE or A-Level Spanish course?

Yes, you can.First click this link and perhaps you can see the week available and the amount of hours you would like to do.

If so please email for more information. Please do not pay if you don´t know if the slot you would like to have is available.

Those are intensive courses 2 or 3 hours a day, usually matches with your Half Term, of course depends of the area. Understand this is not always available and has been done to help children mainly with theur Spanish GCSE's

Q: Should I buy/pay on-line software or activities to download from providers like Babel, 123 Teachme, Pipo, Rocka Lingua, you, etc ?

A fresh, educational software or any download activities that enables your child to learn Spanish through the use of fun games and activities. Research has shown that children who learn a language early on reap many benefits in their educational progress. Therefore this could be good for your child. This should not be the only way to expose your child to a new language.

Certainly, These tools are being used by hundreds of schools throughout everywhere where children are learning a foreign language. Some of them are split in different module covers one different subject. Some of them contains modules that are also bilingual in Spanish so you may also want to take advantage of this if your students are learning Spanish as a MFL.

Also, as you probably know some of these products can be used to teach all areas of curricular education for early learners, not only Spanish! For example, you could use ‘maths’ to enhance numeracy or science.

Some others on-line providers are given you the possibility to try the games, songs and you can download free written activities therefore, you can see if your child will benefit, perhaps your child doesn´t like it or perhaps he/she loves it.

Lessons for Adults/Businesses

Q: Do I have to buy a book?

No, however we will show you the book and or materials that we are going to use and if you would like to buy the book you can do so. Otherwise we will provide you the material when required.

Q: What is the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)?

A: The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) provides a basis for the mutual recognition of language qualifications.

A1-A2 Basic User

B1-B2 Independent User

C1-C2 Proficient User

These levels are documented by the Council of Europe (COE).

Q: What is the maximum class size for group classes?

A: There are different factors so the average number depends really on the season, the level, the times, etc but will often be several students below the maximum. (8 will be the maximum) If you are a company enquiry first.

Q: Is your course better than other big institutions?

There is a Catalan proverb that says “Al pot petit esta la bona confitura” which means that in the small tin you can find the best jam. We are an enthusiastic group of individuals degree qualified, with teachers accredited by qualifications from Cervantes and with professional experience and we think small companies can be as good as big institutions because we can personalise and offer excellent tuition as well.

Q: Do you speak Spanish in the class all the time?

Yes, that’s the best way for you to learn but don’t worry if something has to be clarified in English we can of course do that.

Sometimes, but it depends on the individual/Businesses, we can help you a bit more in English at the beginning.

Q:How far do you provide your lessons? Will it be an extra charge?

This depends sometimes of how busy we are, your requirements and if we can fit you with our existing commitments. Prices are there to give you an indication. Of course we accept jobs far away however the price won´t be the same as if for example you are in a 5 miles radius.

Q:I haven’t studied Spanish but I was in intermediate or advanced level. What shall I do?

You can take the test and we can decide or you could start with an easy level to catch up. It is really up to you.

Q: Do you have a test level?

Students may take a test to decide the best course in case of doubt. The language assessment test by School-e Ltd has been created according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The Spanish test provides a reliable method to determine your Spanish skills.

Spanish Clubs

Q: When can I join my child to the Spanish club?

We usually run two clubs, one club for the infants and one club for the Juniors. You can join at the end of the term and before we start the club. You can always call us or double check in your school office too.

Q: Do I have to buy a book?

No, we clear explain everything in our letters and we provide everything is requeired in the club. Please make sure you have our letter and/or school letter and follow the steps. Usually if you pay directly to us you should contact us. If you pay directly to your school contact them.

Q: How do I need to pay?

All our letters explains clearly the process that your club should be paid. Please follow those indications. If you are not sure send us an e-mail. Club payments are made directly to our business account to School-e Ltd. Do not use on-line payments such as PayPal if those are not requested this wil incur an admind fee of 15 pounds. Such ways of payments are used for some other courses that can be booked on-line.

Q: What are your Terms and Conditions for the clubs?

Our Terms and Conditions for the clubs can be found in the children section of this website and we try to keep it simple:

Please note: Regarding the fees, this only applies if you pay the club directly to us, if you pay the Spanish club to the school you should follow their payments club indications.

-The fees are payable before we start the clubs.

Q: Do you speak Spanish in the class all the time?

As much as we can with the games, playing songs, keep repeating instructions in Spanish, etc that’s the best way for them to learn but honestly it is impossible during all the class. Remember some clubs only last 30 min and if we give the instructions in Spanish to the little ones in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 and we have done it before, children tend to get quiet to see what is going on! Actually this is good and we do it sometimes however, it is important that children knows what is going on and understand the instructions.

Q:How far do you provide your lessons? Will it be an extra charge?

This depends sometimes of how busy we are, your requirements and if we can fit you with our existing commitments. Prices are there to give you an indication. Of course we accept jobs far away however the price won´t be the same as if for example you are in a 5 miles radius.



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