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Our Founder Luciano

School-e Ltd was founded in 2011 by Luciano Infante. Althought it's  an Italian name he is a Spanish Native born in Barcelona and moved to Manchester in September 1997 where he married an English woman and had two children. His adventure started already during the pregnancy of his wife. Both were clear they wanted bilingual children and when their first son was born the ideas surronding the company started to take shape. 

"We created our business several years ago providing a wide range of Spanish tuition for children and adults. We provide Spanish tuition for children in different schools around Greater Manchester and Cheshire and we also provide Spanish for businesses and adults around Altrincham.

We're passionate about what we do and have a proven track record of success."

- Luciano Infante, School-e's Founder.-

Why we think you should choose Spanish as a foreign language to learn?


We really believe Spanish is one of the easiest foreign languages you can learn. Firstly because nearly all the Spanish words you can tell how it is pronounced. This means that phonetically it is a really easy language to learn. In other words with only a bit of practise you can talk the language and you could speak Spanish quickly with basic Spanish grammar and only with a few Spanish lessons.

We think learning Spanish will open a lot of opportunities to you. For instance if a company deals with Spanish or South American companies in terms of job opportunities, it definitely wouldn't harm to have Spanish on your curriculum vitae.

One thing is sure. If you are bilingual, you will be more profitable and have more advantage over your competitor (in terms of looking for a job). Perhaps I am not clear here so basically if person A has got skills X and Y. Then person B has also got skills X and Y but person B speaks English and Spanish. Who do you thing will get the job?

Learning Spanish opens you more opportunities and you can also enjoy a lot. How? Perhaps you love to read books and you will be amazed with the amount of new books you could enjoy reading or watching a good movie!

Perhaps you love music when you learn a language the music can become quite different to the old sound you used to hear before you knew that language and I am telling you this by my own experience.

The food, we all know about the Spanish food but perhaps you are one of these people that are really into the gastronomy world. You could get completely amazed about the Spanish food and you will discover different ways to make things and to enjoy food.

Interested to hire us? Go ahead and talk with us on the contact page. We'll be pleased to answer you.