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Fine, so you still not convince with the Spanish! How many million of people speak Spanish as a first language and as a second language? I am leaving the Maths for you.

Some researches indicate that using two languages reduces your probability of developing dementia, including Alzheimer's Disease. Some scientists who studied this were encouraged by previous studies which showed that bilingualism enhances cerebral abilities in older adults and children. In this particular case it could be any other modern foreign language you decide to learn.

I would really like to finish with something that you could investigate further if you are going to study Spanish or any other language. How many words do you need to know in order to speak your target language? I have done some research but you can of course do yours and I reckon that with around 2500 words you could express yourself in Spanish for everything you want and with around 5000 you will have the native speakers without higher education.
Now, I am going to tell you a secret. Do you know what are “perfect cognates words”?
The perfect cognates words are those words spelt exactly the same in Spanish and English except perhaps sometimes an accent over one letter. Those words mean the same thing in both languages.
Example: Cheque, chocolate, civil, decision, debate, …

Also you have got “the close to

Perfect Cognates are words like "construcción, simplificación, explicación, correcto, curioso, perfecto, etc"

I read that you can find around 4000 thousand Spanish words that are some how cognate words, some linguistics claim around a third of the English words. It is definitely an area to investigate for you and of course a really good advantage if you decide to study Spanish considering you can communicate Spanish with around 5000 words and also considering as we stated earlier the facility with the Spanish phonetic.

Languages in today's world are really important

Export and Import companies, engineering companies, marketing companies, consumer companies, etc deals in a daily bases with Spanish or South American companies.

Children in the school now start earlier than before to learn languages. We are trying to help them as much as we can and we are happy to see the progression of children in some Primary schools where we work with them.

It is also great to know of people they studied Spanish with us and the have embarked in the new adventure of living abroad. Personally I feel much better if I go to a country on holiday and I can order things and communicate with the locals. Therefore I think if you are a traveller and you don’t speak the language when you go to France, Spain, Italy or anywhere you could feel a bit stress. Holidays are to enjoy! Personally I don’t like to get stress on holidays and some times the trip could be stressful enough! We all know that however, you will feel much better and welcome if you can speak a bit the local language. The local ones “speak English” I have been told this a lot of times. We know in the major touristic places a lot of people speak English but think as well your Spanish could be better than their English. (read my story below)

Read the story

An acquaintance of mine in Spain he works in a pub in the summer. He speaks English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian and some Polish. I was amazed when I met him as I could hear him talk in different languages meanwhile waiting to be served. Of course he also speaks Spanish and Catalan. The truth is that he knows the really basic stuff, he learnt this and memorised over the years and practised all those languages but he can’t actually talk English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian and some Polish.

Believe it or not he had some private tuition in different languages just only for his basic needs but you will not have a conversation with him in the target language but this was excellent for his business. He said to me “Solo me interesa que se sientan como en casa” which means that he was only interested that you feel like at home. It is for that reason Spanish people if they can they will talk to you in English but your Spanish could be better than their English and you can always get back to them in Spanish. Also remember in some situations you could have wished to know the language. You never know if you might find your other half in a foreign country. If that’s the case I am telling you that one of you will learn the language of the other one and ideally both of you!

Sometimes friends are going and coming during your life and perhaps you can meet some interesting people who speak different languages.

Around 500 million people around the world speak Spanish as their first language. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, not only as a first language but also as a second language and its importance economically and socially increases daily. Spanish is a fairly easy language to learn for beginners as pronunciation and grammar rules are very clear.

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