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School-e Ltd offers Spanish Lessons for children and we have been teaching Spanish in after school clubs and as part of the curriculum in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire schools for more than 10 years.

Our Spanish lessons in schools enable children to understand and speak useful everyday Spanish, so that they can do things like greeting friends and saying how old they are. Our Spanish tuition in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire has evolved in the last five years and we are proud to be a family company.

Let your children learn Spanish through songs, games and activities taught by enthusiastic Spanish and English tutors.

Why Spanish?

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, not only as a mother tongue but as a second language, too. Modern languages are increas ing in importance and soon all schools will be required to offer MFL to pupils in Key Stage Two.

Research has shown that learning another language is not only useful for travelling the world, it also gives children a deeper understanding of their own and other cultures, improves problem solving skills and increases their capacity for learning generally.

Our Results

Both of our children (aged 14 and 16) are fully bilingual and we are proud of having achieved this. Some of you may think it is easy because in our case their Dad is Spanish. The children are at school full time, everything is in English and no Spanish is supplied in that school as they do/did French in curricular time in Primary. On the other hand we know some other families with the same exposure to the language and the children they might understand Spanish but they don´t speak Spanish. Of course there are different methods and approaches we are not saying ours is the best, we are only proud our children speak English and Spanish with proper English and Spanish accent. Finally to mention our 16 years old child gained his first GCSE with a great A* several years ago.

We are really proud to see some of the children getting in some of the best Higher Grammar Schools like Altrincham Grammar for Boys and Altrincham Grammar for girls. We are happy and we know that they will be confident with the Spanish and we wish all the best in their future.

Additional benefits after our Spanish lessons include higher scores on standardized tests, increased self-confidence and social skills, and often children will be motivated to learn additional languages at a later stage of their development.

Our Prices & Booking Process

Our prices vary from in the market range from one school to another one depending on different factors and depending on the sort of agreement we reach within the schools. If you are a head teacher and are considering opening a Spanish club then do not hesitate to email or to call us on 07902 235885 to discuss a quote and ask any questions you may have.

Alternatively, click the big Book Now button below and fill out the form. We aim to respond within 48 hours!

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Example activities in our lessons.

In our Spanish lessons we make learning Spanish fun through activities, songs, games, worksheets, audiovisual material and an interactive website.

We also make use of interactive educational software products,“Pipo” the world leader in supplying bi-lingual educational materials, with currently millions of children worldwide using these products to learn another language (English/Spanish)

Children have a curiosity about new things and they love copying and repeating, this of course is an ideal starting point for learning Spanish.

By looking at what is surrounding them and listening to the sounds of everyday life, children soak up the Spanish, English or any other language without being fully conscious of it. They hear and they see and they develop the new language. We love to read Spanish stories in some of our lessons.

Terms and Conditions for Spanish School Clubs.

  • The fees are payable before we start the clubs.
  • The fees are non-refundable.
  • We reserve the right to exclude any child who persistently misbehaves and doesn’t follow the club rules.
  • If for any reason we have to cancel any lesson, parents will be informed and another session will be offered.
  • We reserve the right to substitute teachers should the need arise.
  • We reserve the right to charge an administration fee of £15 for late inscriptions.
  • We offer Public Liability Insurance and all our teachers are DBS checked.

Information for Parents and Schools

Spanish curricular following the Standards from the QCA. If you are one school located in another area and you supply Spanish you might be interested in some of our bilingual books that we have written and designed for some of the actual curricular units in order to help curricular teachers. (Units 1, 6 and 9). We want to say thanks here for some of the teachers´ comments we have received which have helped in the creation of these set of new books.

The clubs equip them to understand and use practical everyday Spanish, so that they can do things like introducing themselves and choosing their favorite food. Classes usually will be once per week on the school premises straight after school or lunch time clubs.

Spanish private tuition. We can arrange the lessons to a convenient time during the week. We cover primary and secondary education to GCSE level.

All our teachers are all DBS checked and we have our own liability insurance.

The teachers working with us all have different backgrounds, most of them of with degree, post graduates and even masters. Some related to education, however all of them with a passion to teach Spanish.

Notice For Spanish Teachers

Interested in becoming one of our teachers, or running a club in your community area. Please email us a copy of your CV detailing relevant qualifications and experience and a covering letter in the first instance to:

Notice For Parents

If you want to see a second language progression you also need to help a bit.

How? Motivate your son or daughter.

How? Read to them in Spanish. Play Spanish games with them. Listen and watch CDs and DVDs in Spanish. If you can make them play with Spanish children. Do it!

Remember have you learnt English in one hour a week?
Do as much as you can and you will see better results. We hope this helps.

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